How we chose this name for our business?

Well, there is really nothing special about how we came up with the name for our massage business. Our business name was thought up by my wonderful wife Angela. She came up with this name while attending the Atlanta School of Massage in Atlanta, Georgia in 1998.

In massage school, she had to create a business name, and a business card design. Angela knew that she was moving to the desert once she finished massage school. The weather forecast in Phoenix, Arizona had the temperature as hot, and the sun shining most of the time. So the word "Sun" came to mind. The word "Touch" came to mind because body work, or massage required her to use the touch of her hands to be successful. Now "Sol" is the spanish word for "Sun". Arizona has a large spanish influence. It seemed appropriate to use the spanish translation of sun.

So the name Sol Touch Massage came as a result of a homework assignment. To Angela it sounded like a cool name for a massage business in Arizona. We are still using the name today for our business which is currently located in Tempe, AZ.

At the same time she had to come up with a business card design. Angela worked as a server at Macaroni Grill during school. A co-worker of hers came up with the first design. That design is the basis of our business card design still today. That design is also used as a template for our flyers, letterheads, banners, and signs. Below are pictures of the original design, and what it has evolved into now.

Angela enjoys working in the sports world and helping athletes improve their performance. She has worked with many professional, collegiate, and amateur athletes and teams. We wanted to have a massage business with a sports massage emphasis. Hence the reason we have added "Sports Massage" underneath our business name logo.

Quite a few years back the name took on a new meaning for us. We wanted a business name that meant something to us. We did not feel like we needed to change our name,  just have some real meaning behind it. We came across a scripture in the Bible that fit the vision of our business. The scripture is Malachi 4:2 CEV. It reads; "Victory will shine like the sun with healing in its rays, and you will jump around like calves at play". This scripture makes reference to receiving victory by a sun's rays touching you. The touch helping to bring healing, so you can go out and play or perform. Now that definitely sounded like "Sol Touch" Massage to us.

We use massage therapy to help heal the body. We help a person continue to play, or enjoy any sport, occupation, hobby or activity. We help people improve and maintain their performance, in whatever they like to do. We do this in various ways. We help to reduce pain and loosen tight muscles. We help to prevent injury and recover from injury. We help to reduce stress and just feel better. It is our goal to offer the best massage available in Tempe AZ. We provide massage for the "Most Valuable Player", You!